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Best Breastfeeding App

Best Breastfeeding App

There are apps for everything these days, even breastfeeding. With a newborn there are late nights, nonstop feedings, diaper changes, naps and I have found the app that helped so much.  Glow baby is the best breastfeeding app, and it helps with even more than just breastfeeding which is why I believe it to be the best.  It is available for Apple and in the Google Play store.

Tracking Breastfeeding:

Let’s talk about the main thing with this app, breastfeeding. There are multiple ways that you are able to track feedings: bottles, pumping sessions, and breastfeeding. 

Tracking bottles: In the app you are able to track bottles that are breastmilk or formula. Entering the amount and time will help keep track of how much your baby is drinking as well as how much they drink each day. 

Tracking breast feedings: This will allow you to time the feedings per side. One amazing thing is that it also will tell you which side you fed from last. In the middle of the night, this little tag to remind you is amazing!

Tracking pumping sessions: There are 2 years to enter pumping sessions. The one I used most often was the timer option. Here you can set the timer when you start, and once you click that you are finished a screen will pop up for you to be able to enter the amount of milk collected. 

Tracking diaper changes: 

This is so important especially for our babies when they were so little. Both of our girls unfortunately had to spend time in the NICU when born. Tracking their diapers were needed once we had them back home to report to their doctors during appointments, just as a check. The app allows you to enter dirty and wet diapers keeping track of how many they have each day. 

Best Breastfeeding App

Addition tracking in the best breastfeeding app:

There is other very important information you are able to track with this app. Medication is a huge plus! When they are sick no one is getting any sleep and all the medication doses all begin 

to run together making it difficult to know what medication they received last as well what time it was given. There is an option to track their growth including weight, height, and head circumference. You can track naps and see how much they sleep each day as well as milestones that they hit. 

Lastly, which is a huge reason I think this is the best breastfeeding app, is how easy it made for us to track everything! This app allows you to have a partner on the app to also track everything. It has saved us from waking each other up in the middle of the night to see if the other has recently been up with her. If I ran to town he could see when the last time I fed was to know when she would be due for the next bottle. 

There is no doubt in my mind that Glow Baby is the best breastfeeding app. No only for all of the breastfeeding aspects but for all the other things it offers to a new momma. There is no reason to have so many different apps when the perfect one has it all! Trust me you will need this app when having a baby, even if you are not breastfeeding. There is a paid version, however I recommend the free one. I was able to do everything I needed on the free version of the app.

To read more about my personal breastfeeding journeys as well as more tips like this one be sure to check out my page Baby Got Milk. You can also find my review on coconut water in Body Armor and how it improved my milk supply.

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