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Best Lunch Spot at Magic Kingdom

Best Lunch at Magic Kingdom

The best spot to enjoy lunch at Magic Kingdom you probably never thought of. Hidden in plain sight with air conditioning, plenty of seating, and castle views is Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant.

Best Lunch at Magic Kingdom

When it comes time to eat lunch, there is a very crowded Main Street with tables full of families trying to rest their feet while enjoying their meals. That’s when it typically hits you, how are you supposed to luck out for one of these tables? Especially with two littles in tow in a stroller. While we do love to sit and enjoy lunch on the HUB grass when it is cooler, the middle of the summer with more time in the sun is not appealing. A wonderful cast member told us this tip that is too good not to share!  

I suggest mobile ordering at Casey’s Corner or grabbing spring rolls from the spring roll cart. Place a mobile order earlier in the day with a later pick up time. You can adjust the pickup time as needed. When you are ready to eat lunch, grab your food and head over to the best spot for lunch at Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant. TTR is located between the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and Tomorrowland. 

Best Lunch at Magic Kingdom

The Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant only serves food certain times of the year. This means most of the time this seating area is open and empty! This is also where you will go for the Firework Dessert Party at Magic Kingdom. Despite the open walls there is still air conditioning.

We love to pick up a Casey’s Corner, take a minute to enjoy the pianist if he is playing, and head across Main Street for a table. Every time we have eaten here, it is usually empty. The girls have plenty of room to run around and burn some energy. Another reason this is the best lunch spot at Magic Kingdom is because you will want to have a break in the middle of a Magic Kingdom day. Tomorrowland Terrace is a great locations to sit down and relax while enjoying the castle and music.

For more tips for Walt Disney World including How Disney Genie Works, be sure to check out the Mama Mouse page! If you are wanting to plan a trip of your very own, be sure to check send me a message! I provide complementary Disney planning to everyone who books with me! As always I hope you have a magical day!

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