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Complete List of Disney Wish Bar and Lounges with Reviews

Disney Wish bars

Disney Cruise Line is known for families, but did you know they also cater to the adults? With multiple bars and lounges, adult only dining, and adult pool deck areas, DCL has many options for the adults sailing on their ships. Disney’s newest ship, Wish, has some of the most beautiful bars and lounges I have ever experienced!

The Disney Wish is a GIANT ship that joined the Disney Cruise Line fleet in 2022. There are so many activities and areas of the ship, it is impossible to visit and do it all! We even decided to spend a day at port on the ship to do as much as possible. Let’s review all the Disney Wish bars and lounges to help you decide which to prioritize for your sailing.

Disney Wish Bar and Lounges Overviews:

The Rose

Theming: Beauty and The Beast (Live Action)

The Rose is located on deck 12 and has floor to wall windows. However, the windows are not even the shop stopper in this lounge! There are many drink options, with the most extravagant being The Rose. Not only does the drink come in a glass dome full of drama, you are also given a steamed rose to take with you. Another honorable mention is the Mrs. Tea served in a glass tea pot. Overall this is a very elegant and beautiful lounge that is a must for any fellow Belle fans! Everyone eating at Palo Steakhouse or Enchante will go through the lounge to reach the adult only dining rooms, making it an east stop after your dining reservation.

disney wish bars


disney wish bars

Theming: Cinderella (Nightingale Scene)

Nightingale’s is absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful! Just look at that “bubble” chandelier. While it is a smaller lounge, the live pianist is AMAZING, and the atmosphere is dreamy. The featured beverage is the Nightingale. Served in this very unique bird glass it is a must get for Instagram! The beverage is both refreshing and beautiful.

The Bayou

Theming: Princess and the Frog

The bayou is a more open option where you can enter from either side which are completely open. This is the lounge many guest will most likely pass by and notice more than the others.

Live music can be found on the Bayou stage, however, we were not able to catch the bands. I imagine it really helps the feel of the space become more immersive. The drinks here were typical and nothing that really peeked our interest. What did catch our attention? Beignets of course!

Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge

Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge is by far the most popular lounge on the ship. Everything from the drinks to the atmosphere is out of this world. From before you are entering the lounge to the moment you leave, you will be traveling the galaxy. The entrance is a hidden door that you might walk by if you are not looking for it. To enter you have to push a button on the wall. The door will slide back to reveal a space traveling ship. Watch your travels launch into hyperdrive and view multiple planets around the galaxy via the giant window behind the bar.

The beverages are very unique, and many are served with a fog bubble on top! In fact, at any given moment you will most likely see at least one of the bubbles topping a drink or floating in the air.


disney wish bars

Theming: Pixar Short: La Luna

Luna lounge is located on deck 4 and 5 and is the main entertainment spot. During the day time there are family friendly fun such as karaoke. While at night, this transforms into an adult-only lounge. Be sure to check your Disney Cruise Line Navigator app for a full schedule of what is happening at Luna.

While you are there you can enjoy some beverages and the live entertainment options.

Keg & Compass

Keg & Compass is another host for family friendly activities during the day. There are many art options from crafts to an Animation Experience where you learn to draw some of our favorite Disney characters. In the evenings, it is converted to an adult only space offering many beverages in the Norwegian themed area. If you are wanting to catch a live sports or news, this is your Disney Wish bar.

Triton Lounge

Triton Lounge is the main Trivia location on the Disney wish. While not all trivia games are held here, most of the ones I saw were.

Cove Bar

Cove Bar is the adult only pool bar. Located by Cove Cafe (adult only coffee shop) it is a great spot to grab a refreshing beverage while enjoying Quiet Cove.

Hanging with the family at the family deck instead? There is not need to come all the way over to Quiet Cove. Currents is another Disney Wish bar that is located around all the family pools.

disney wish bars

Both of these Disney Wish bars are what you expect to find at a Disney Cruise Line bar. The location makes them great for getting quick drinks while relaxing or playing in the sun.

Hidden Gem!

Hook’s Barbary

Hidden in Hook’s Barbary is a hidden speakeasy like bar. During the day you can enjoy this Peter Pan themed barbershop that is very majestic and full of wonder. Step inside the Jolly Roger to have a trim or shave fit for a captain. Reservations are required for you to have a seat in the comfortable leather barber chairs. However, at night it transforms. Hidden just behind is map of Neverland is a secret bar. While this is not a full size lounge, it is still very cool for a drink on the go. Grab your favorite bourbon, whisky, or rye cocktail with no reservations needed. The selection is limited, but its a must for anyone who enjoys a fine whisky or bourbon beverage.

Our Top Picks:


We love the live pianist here to play all the Disney classics and more. The environment is relaxed, classy, and a great meet up spot for friends to have a nice drink and chat prior to dinner. The chocolate frozen bubble was our drink of choice, and it did not disappoint! The details and art in the entire lounge is breathtaking! The bubble chandelier that is perfectly matched to the bubble scene in Cinderella is amazing! (You know the scene where she is singing “Sing Sweet Nightingale.”) This is an absolute must experience on our Disney Wish bar list.

Disney Wish bars Nightingale's

The Rose

The Rose is the lounge you need to visit for over the top beverages and atmosphere. The entire lounge screams Beauty and the Beast with the artwork, drinks, and rose decor everywhere! As an avid Belle fan, I was enjoying every short minute we were able to fit into our very packed vacation. Out only regret was not having more time here, especially during the day with those amazing floor to ceiling windows. Our drink of choice was the sweet rose. The beverage was sweet and refreshing without being overly sweet. The only part we would skip next time is the shredded coconut on top. Don’t forget to post for pictures right outside with THE ROSE, and mirror.

Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge

Was there really anyway that we could leave off Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge? This is the most immersive of all the lounges and bars on the Disney Wish. Before even entering the actual lounge, you are in Star Wars. Hidden down a small hallway you have to press a button in order for the ship to open to you. Once inside enjoy a trip around the galaxy while sipping on an out of this world beverage. It did get crowded while we were visiting. The seats are limited, but we were able to get a table rather quickly for our group.

Our Skip:

While each of the bars and lounges on the Disney Wish are unique, beautiful, and well themed, our skip has the be The Bayou. As a girl from Louisiana it kills me say this, but here is why its our skip. The Bayou is fully open on both sides of the lounge. Unfortunately, I believe that takes away from the immersive experience we have all grown to love and expect form Disney. The area itself is stunning, we just wish it was a little more closed off from the hallways on either side. The drinks here was also typical drinks you will find anywhere. Many of the other lounges have specialty drinks that once again, go back to the immersive experience. The Bayou is a great option to just grab a quick drink, listen to the band, or eat those man catching beignets!

The Disney Wish is great option for families, couples, and friends, to enjoy a vacation together! The ship is HUGE and there are so many activities, amazing entertainment, and dining options that it is impossible to do it all. Many people believe that the Disney Cruise Line caters to only children, but that is most defiantly not the case. We would love to hear any thoughts and experiences at any of the Disney Wish bars or lounges! Which one was your favorite? What drink should we add to our must try list next time we sail?

Are you thinking about setting sail with Disney Cruise Line? We would love to handle all the details for you. This was we can ensure you have everything you need and the most amazing and relaxing time with your loved ones! Let’s start planning together here.

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