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How to Customize Your Own Delightful Treat at Disney Springs

Customize Your Own Delightful Treat at Disney Springs

At Goofy’s Candy Co in Disney Springs there is an option to customize your own delightful sweet treat! With over 100 different combinations, you are sure to find the perfect treat!

Where and When

You can find the customizable treat at Disney Springs at the Goofy Candy Co. It is available between 12:00pm and 10:00 pm most days, however, times are subject to change.

How to Get Started

To get started with your delightful treat, head to the desk at towards the left of the store. It will be close to the frozen drink selections. You will find a form under the big chalkboard that will have all the options listed by category.

There are 5 option for your base treat, a caramel apple, Mickey rice cereal treat, marshmallow, red velvet cake pop, or chocolate cake pop.

Next, decide if you want yours dipped in milk or white chocolate. Now the hardest part of all, picking the toppings! One topping is included in the price of the treat which can be found on the chalkboard mentioned above. You can add additional topping on for $1 each if you can’ decide. The prices are subject to change and vary on the base treat selected.

Customize Treat at Disney Springs

How to turn turn the form into a customized Disney treat?

With form in hand you will go ahead and pay for your treat, and head over to hand it over to a what I call the Disney Confectionary Magic Makers. (If you can’t tell by now, this is one of our families favorite things to do at Disney Springs.) Here you can watch them create your delightful treat right in front of your eyes, or you can browse the store. They will call your name when your order is ready. Most of the time they will typically give you your card back for an extra souvenir.

Why do we love this?

Like I said above, this is one of our families favorite things to do while at Disney Springs. We couldn’t wait to take the girls once it reopened after COVID. Haelyn absolutely loves being able to create her own treat exactly how she wanted. Then we all gather at the windows to follow our treats being made while talking to the cast members. It is a very fun unique Disney experience that is relatively inexpensive depending on your treat of choice. My husband and I love to get the apples, however there is no knives available to cut it. It is good that we do not even mind it! My daughter always likes to mix it up and try something different every time with the exception of sprinkles for a topping.

How will you customize a treat at Disney Springs or is this a new secret you are hearing about? What Goofy’s Candy Co. treats do you have to pick up while your are there to bring home? If you do not get the chance to customize a treat at Disney Springs, you can find so many good options at Main Street Confectionary in Magic Kingdom. Be sure to enjoy your treat at our favorite spot in Magic Kingdom with castle views!

As always, if you need any one on one help with planning your Disney vacation, I offer complementary Disney planning to everyone who books a trip with me. Simply send me a message here! Also, be sure to sign up for our email so you never miss a new Disney secret that may also become a favorite or lifesaver for your family.

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