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The Best Insider Tip for Walt Disney World with a Baby

We have successfully taken our youngest baby to Disney World twice by the time she was 1. I have so many tips and advice that I am sharing with you all, but this one by far is the most game changing! This tip is also great for any parents with toddlers. All four of the Walt Disney World parks have areas referred to as “Baby Care Centers.” In this post I will tell you why these little gems are game changer and where to find them. 

Disney World with a baby

What are baby care centers?

Baby Care Centers are little pieces of heaven when you are taking a baby or even toddler to Walt Disney World. This is where you can find all things baby from items you may need to rooms designated to your needs. Below I am going to break down some of the wonderful details about these magical little places you have probably never even noticed.  Only parents with young children are allowed in these facilities, and stroller parking is located right outside.

Where can you find them in the parks?

As listed above, each of the four theme parks in Walt Disney World have baby care centers. They are usually close to the First Aid Centers and pretty easy to spot if you are looking for them. I have attached a map with each of the Baby Care Centers (BCC) indicated by the pacifier. This is exactly how they will look on MDE as well.  The one at Magic Kingdom has the most adorable, yet slight, Alice in Wonderland theming!

Changing Stations

This is a HUGE benefit to the BCC! They have multiple changing tables, and I am talking actual changing tables, not one that folds down from the wall. These are a great size, we even changed our toddler here, and older children could also use these tables. Our daughter HATED having her diaper changed in public when we took her right at the age of 1. I am not sure if it was all the people, the hard uncomfortable tables, or the loud noises from being in a public bathroom. These tables at the BCC are spread out, it is quiet, and they are hardly ever crowded! We always went into the BCC and changed her diaper anytime we were close, because we dreaded having to change her in the public bathrooms where she screamed the entire time. This alone for me was a huge game changer, but they offer so much more!

Disney World with a baby

Breastfeeding/ Pumping Rooms

We were also in the middle of breastfeeding the first time we took Emilia. I was exclusively pumping with her, so I needed somewhere to be every few hours to pump as well as a way to warm up her bottles. The BBC all have rooms for breastfeeding and pumping. While some are individual rooms, others are big rooms with rocking chairs. It is quiet and dim, and perfect for feeding or pumping. I carried my small Medela as well as my Willows with me everyday. I was able to utilize my willows twice a day and keep walking, but I always wanted to go midday and sit down and get one good session in. While I was pumping, Neil would heat up the bottle in one of the bottle warmers they have available. 


If your baby is older and eating baby food, they have that covered too! They have multiple highchairs available as well as small kid friendly tables. They also have microwaves available if needed. 

Disney World with a baby

Toddler Activities

So, what did our toddler do while we were spending so much time in the BCC? They had activities for her! Most of the BCC have a Disney movie playing that she loved to sit and watch. One time she even received coloring pages and crayons from the cast member! One had Disney blocks for her to play with, and there were typically other big sisters/ brothers there for her to talk to and play with. 


They even have more for the parents! There are water refilling stations at each one. You can refill your bottles with some very cold water, sit down, and just take a moment to relax, let your little ones play, and soak up that AC!

Disney World with a baby

Bare Necessities

If you have left an item back at the resort, misplaced it, or simply ran out, there is a small store inside each of the centers. They have everything you may need for your baby while spending the day at Walt Disney World. I saw diapers, wipes, baby food, bibs, onesies, pacifiers, and so much more! I will warn you however, this is still in Disney and items will be marked up. When you need one of these items, you need them, and for me I will pay for the convenience of having it right there when I need it. One day our daughter decided to throw her sippy cup over the stroller. To no avail, Neil and I searched for that cup for what seemed like an hour. Emilia had just started to figure sippy cups out. Haelyn’s was just too advanced for her at this point and we were worried she might get dehydrated in the heat. We went right to the baby center and they had just what we needed. We purchased her a bottle, washed it, and filled it with cold water right there. If you are in need of a single diaper because you are in a real bind, you could always ask a cast member. I cannot say for sure that they would be able to supply you with one, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. They will have some there for purchase if they do not have one available behind the desk.

Disney World with a baby

It all sounds too good to be true right? These Baby Care Centers are the most important part of a successful trip to Walt Disney World with a baby. Next up would be having a successful stroller setup that is organized and easy to keep.

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