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How does Disney Genie Plus work with the most recent changes?

how to use disney genie plus

Disney’s Genie+ has changed once again! Since Disney Genie was released Fall 2021, it has undergone many changes. Most recently the way you purchase Genie+ was the only change this time. When you purchase Disney’s Genie+ the morning of use, you will now have different options. Each park will now have it’s own price. Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios will be the higher price parks offering more Lightning Lane options than EPCOT and Animal Kingdom. When you look at price per park vs them all having the same price, it seems like a no brainer to have it broken down this way. Before I would suggest skipping Genie+ on the EPCOT and Animal Kingdom days. However, it is a much better value with this change.  

“Multiple Park” is an option for those wanting to use Genie+ for park hopping. Being close, if not the same as Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, I would purchase this option if you were considering park hopping just in case you want to use it at your second park. If you want to park hope and only use Genie at one of the parks, you can buy it for the park you want. You would use standby at the other parks. The Multiple Park option will not be available if any of the 4 parks sell out.   

How does Disney Genie Plus work
How does Disney Genie Plus work

Let’s look at an example of this. Let’s say you are planning to use Genie+ for Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios one day. When you go to purchase Genie+ that morning Magic Kingdom is sold out Therefore the multiple park options is also no longer available. Ideally the multiple park option would have been the best option as far as value is concerned. So what can you do now?

If you would like to have Genie+ for both Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, you can still purchase both parks if not sold out. This will cost you more than it would have if the multiple park option was available. It allows you to have the Lightning Lane selection in both parks. What I would probably do in this situation would be to rope drop Animal Kingdom. I would only purchase Genie+ for Hollywood Studios. I would spend the morning stacking Lightning Lanes at Hollywood Studios once we arrived there.  

With people wanting to have a more advance way to plan rather than having to do it the day of, I am possible we will see even more changes coming our way. To see a full breakdown on how Disney Genie Plus works check out Disney Genie Explained! Sign up for our emails to be notified of any changes, new tips and tricks, and big announcements made. Follow us on our brand-new YouTube channel

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