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Disney Stroller Setup 2022

Here’s a look at our family’s Walt Disney World stroller setup. After many trips and tying different products, I think we have finally perfected the stroller setup for Disney! My main goal with the stroller is to make sure items we use frequently are easy to access, we have what we need for the park, and ease of transporting to and from the parks. For reference, we are using the Joovy Kooper x2 for our stroller. These products and tips can all work with single or double strollers, as well as rentals! Let’s get started with a look into our stroller, what you will need (with links), and how to set it all up!

Want to see this all in video form instead? Be sure to check out our new YouTube channel with the stroller setup!

Parent’s Space

First let’s start at the top handles. Here you will always find our parent caddy, rechargeable stroller fan, and our stroller tag. Both the tag and the orange stroller fan make finding our stroller so simple in the busy stroller parking areas! Having your name on your stroller will also help cast members locate your stroller. Our parent caddy is universal and fits single or double strollers. We loved extra cupholders as well as the net pockets. In our caddy I always had individual boogie wipes, the sunscreen stick, ponchos, and wipes. We loved this caddy, and continue to use it daily at our house. Our stroller is able to fold up with all these items still attached!

Water Bottle Organization

Next, we have the right side of our stroller. This is where our giant Mickey stroller hook from Petunia Pickle Bottom comes in to play at Disney. This is where we hang all of our water bottles and our popcorn bucket. We always bring bottles that have ways to hang them via the hook. This makes it so easy to grab the bottles. I also like keeping an eye to ensure everyone still has plenty of water, and with this hook, I can easily see water levels. We love the Munchkin bottle for our toddler, and Neil and I love these.

Most Used Items

On the left side of the stroller is where we keep our saddle bag, as well as another stroller hook. On the stroller hook I like to keep 2 small bags. These are some you probably received with any baby registry, but Amazon also has some good options. These are here for ease of access. It is so simple to grab the bag needed when walking into a bathroom or restaurant. One bag was for diaper changes. This bag included: 2 diapers/ pullups per daughter, wipes, hand sanitizing wipes, disposable toilet seat covers and changing mats, as well as boogie wipes and diaper rash cream. A Munchkin disposable diaper bag dispenser also hung on the handle of this bag to help distinguish between the two. The second bag was for dinning. If you have ever dinned at a restaurant with a toddler and baby, you know you need a few items. This bag included: a roll-up bib, disposable placemats, hand sanitizing wipes, face and hand wipes.

Our saddle bag also stays on this side. This is another item that we use both at Disney and in our everyday lives. Most strollers can fold up with the bag still attached, even with items in it. We like to keep things we use often in here. Typically you will find a bubble wand, the Mickey fans, penny press book, and anything else we may throw in there throughout the day. Haelyn also likes being able to put things in or pull things out by herself.

Girl’s Stroller Space

Okay now the very important part of the stroller, the passengers area. Each girl will always have their own stroller fan to keep them cool. Sippy cups and snack cups are usually attached via toy hooks. We have used the Secure-A-Toy prior to this trip, but they are not long enough for our babies sippy cups. With that being said, we are planning to try this brand next time.

The Cargo

I try to keep the items under the stroller organized by bags. The diaper bag is always the first item to go under the stroller. We also store our rain cover for the stroller, our autograph book (hidden), and a reusable tote. The Disney reusable tote is a great souvenir we use at home, but it is so much more than that! It is a huge help when traveling around Disney World with a stroller. The tote holds any loose items acquired throughout the day as well as the bottles and stroller fans when getting on and off buses, boats, or the skyliner.

With all these tips and a look at our setup, your stroller at Disney should be a breeze! If renting, we highly recommend Kingdom Strollers! You can read our review here. Need more tips for Disney with a stroller? Be sure to check out “Disney World Stroller Parking Made Easy” and follow us on TikTok for video clips of our stroller!

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