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Complete Guide on How to Get a Disney Virtual Queue with Tips

disney virtual queue tips

Welcome to your one stop for everything Disney virtual queue including all my tips to securing your very own.

What is a virtual queue?

Disney’s virtual queues are a free way for you to hold your spot in line while you continue to explore and play in the parks. This will prevent lines that are 5 or 6+ hours long for the newest attractions when they open. (I’m looking at you Flight of Passage!) If they were to go back to a time prior to virtual queue, the only people who would have the opportunity to ride the newer attractions are those who decided to spend their day standing in the line. With the use of this system, you spend those 5 hours in the park enjoying all the other wonderful attractions and entertainment offered.

IMPORTANT: If an attraction has a virtual queue offered, then there is no regular standby line. The only way to ride the attractions is with a free virtual queue or to purchase an Individual Lightning Lane.

What Attractions currently use Virtual Queue?

At the time of writing this post, there are 2 attractions that still utilize the virtual queue in Walt Disney World. This is Tron: Lightcycle Run in Magic Kingdom and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in EPCOT. These are two very popular and new coasters!

Tron: Lightcycle Run will take you into the grid to race a Lightcycle against another team. The seat is built like you are on a cycle itself. The canopy is a thing of beauty, especially at night! The ride also has a slingshot style takeoff!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is a first of its kind coaster. The vehicle is an omnimover on a coaster! What is an omnimover? This is a genius invention by the Imagineering team from the very start! The omnimover style is used in Haunted Mansion and Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid. This allows them to rotate your car so that you are looking at specific areas of the attraction. Now just imagine this on a fast moving roller coaster!

How to secure your Virtual Queue boarding group

Securing a Virtual Queue can be tricky as many times they will book up within seconds! Don’t worry, with all my virtual queue tips for Walt Disney World, you will be a pro in no time!

When do Virtual Queues open?

The virtual queues will open for both attractions at 7 am exactly. To make sure you are ready you will need to do a couple of things ahead of time. Go ahead and preselect your party around 6:55. You will do this in the MyDisneyExperience app. Once you have preselected your party, stay on the virtual queue/ ride screen. (This is the screen you should be on when preselecting your party.)

On another phone or your watch, have a world clock open. As the second hand nears the 7 am hour, being to click “Refresh.” Continue clicking until the page changes saying you have a Boarding Group. Congratulations, you should have a spot in the virtual queue! Once that is secured go in and purchase your first Genie+ selection or ILL if you are using that for the day.

disney virtual queue tips

There will be an additional Virtual queue that will open at 1 PM. In order to join this VQ, you will need to be scanned into the corresponding park. Be sure to set an alarm at 12:55 PM to remind you. Trust me, it will sneak by you! Do the same routine as listed above to ensure you are successful.

Additional Virtual Queues may be available during special ticketed events such as seasonal parties, after hours, and Extended Evening hours for Deluxe resort guest.

What to do once your boarding group is called

They will have an ETA for your callback time listed for your boarding group once you have secured the virtual queue. This time will change! The return time for virtual queue will change depending on how quickly the line is moving through as groups are called back.

When it is time for your group, you should receive a notification notifying you. I still suggest periodically checking to see if they are nearing your boarding group so you are prepared when it is your turn. Once it is your groups turn, you will need to head to the line and scan in for the virtual queue side. There will also be an Individual Lightning Lane queue so be sure to watch making sure you are in the correct line. If there is any confusion, a Cast Member will gladly help get you to the correct location. There will still be a wait once you arrive, typically around 45 minutes. That is still much better than a 5+ hour wait! If you prefer to not wait at all, you can pay to utilize the ILL.

IMPORTANT: You will have 1 hour from the time you are called to arrive and scan in for your virtual queue.

Rider Swap with Virtual Queue

If you are traveling with younger children you will want to set up the rider swap option when you get to the front of the line. Rider Swap is a service provided by Disney for people traveling with young ones who might be too short or scared to ride an attraction. When you arrive for your Virtual Queue, there will still be about a 45 minute wait to ride. If you have another adult waiting with the children, have the rider swap set up for them at the front of the attraction. To do this, both adults will need to be present and they must both have a virtual queue. Once the first rider is finished you can then switch and allow the other rider to go get in line. However, the second adult with rider swap will be allowed to enter the ILL lane to have a much shorter wait before riding.

That is all my Disney Virtual Queue tips! If you follow all this advice, you should have great luck in securing your own virtual queues each day. Let us know which attractions you are able to secure the Virtual Queues for in the comments! We love your success stories!

Genie+ is the other skip the line service at Walt Disney World. We have a full breakdown for you here!

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