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Walt Disney World Packing List for Toddlers- FREE Printable Checklist

disney world packing list for toddlers

Walt Disney World packing list for toddlers can be tricky. Overpacking can lead to charges at the airport or a crowded room, while under packing can be a nightmare for the entire family. After multiple trips to Walt Disney World with young children, this is my personal checklist for our entire family.


My biggest struggle when packing for Walt Disney World was making sure I had items for everyone. Before I would just write the item down like a normal checklist, however, about half way through the list I could never remember if I had packed 4 of that item, or whos was missing. Packing usually happens while the girls are asleep. I will pack what I can, and try to keep track of what I need from the girls’ rooms. The list I needed from other areas would get so confusing. I would have to keep going through the list over and over.

I finally figured out this new layout, and it makes packing for any vacation a breeze! Each item will have a checkbox for the quantity I need for that item. For Magic Kingdom outfits there are 4 boxes, one for each family member. As I pack each persons item, I will only check their box, then I know what exactly I am still missing. You can see an example of how I use this layout on TikTok and Instagram! It was requested for a printable version; ask and you shall receive!

Items Worth Highlighting- Everyone

  • Ponchos– A must for any Disney vacation. They are small enough to fit into a park bag and can be thrown away once wet. We prefer ponchos over raincoats so that we are not having to hang them to dry after the rain. We usually bring a couple per person in our luggage and use as needed. This will also save money in the parks if it does begin to rain; park ponchos are expensive!
  • Minnie Ears– This is another great money saver is to bring ears purchased ahead of time. They still look great in pictures, and cost a fraction of the price!
  • Park Bag– This is an item that I always recommend if you don’t have a stroller! While I do still carry it sometimes when we have the stroller, I am not carrying it as much. We leave almost everything on the stroller with the exception of ID and our phones.
  • Portable Handheld Fans– These fun Mickey fans are a favorite of ours. I carry them in bags, they are small enough to fit in a pocket, and fingers are not able to get through to the blades.
  • Fuel Rods– Portable phone chargers that are great for in the parks due to small size. You also have the ability to exchange a dead one for a fully charged one within all 4 Walt Disney World Theme Parks!
  • Cooling Towels– A set of cooling towels can be a lifesaver during those hot park days.
  • Popup Hamper– One of my best secrets is bringing a popup hamper on our vacations! They fold so small that they are easy to store in your luggage. They keep your hotel room from becoming super messy with all your dirty clothes.
  • Sound Machine– This goes for any hotel, with people coming in and out of resorts a sound machine will help with blocking a lot of this out.

Items Worth Highlighting- Toddler

  • Princess Dresses- A huge money savor for any young girl to wear to the parks. Princess dresses at Bippity Boppty Boutique can cost a lot of money. To save money we like to do the less expensive makeover, and change into our dress we brought from home. Just be sure to make sure it is comfortable for your daughters to wear in the parks.
  • Minnie Mouse Clips– Perfect for small girls who want the look of Minnie ears without having to wear the headband. Our daughter loves these!
  • Stroller Fans– These fans are great for so many reasons; they are rechargeable, can fit any stroller, and can stand on a table. We have three we use at the parks. Each daughter has one on their side of the stroller, and we keep a bright orange one on the parent handlebar for us. This makes it easy to find and gives the adult pushing the stroller a reward. With the ability to stand on its own, they can be used for any outdoor quick service restaurants or lounges.
  • Autograph Book– This is the best book I have found for an autograph book! You can read more about it here.
  • Stroller Items- For a full list of stroller necessities be sure to check out the complete Disney Stroller Setup.

Print our Walt Disney World Packing List for Toddlers to help take some stress out of the packing. If you are wanting to rent a stroller I highly recommend renting from Kingdom Strollers. You can read our review and why we recommend this over Disney Stroller rentals here.

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