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Disney World Stroller Parking Made Easy

Disney World Stroller Parking

Stroller parking at Walt Disney World can be tricky, and it is something many people never think about until you are in a sea of strollers with a screaming toddler. Walt Disney World has designated stroller parking all around their parks. This is where you will park your stroller for any attraction and most meals. Disney Cast Members will move strollers around throughout the day to keep the area tidy and to make room for more strollers, especially in the popular areas like by the Rapunzel bathrooms.  That means that your stroller may not be in the exact spot you remember leaving it. We rented our stroller from Kingdom Strollers in Orlando. I highly recommend using Kingdom Strollers. You can read our experiences here.   

To make finding your stroller easier you can label it with a stroller tag. I found ours on ETSY. There is also a cast member who was furloughed when COVID started. She has an online shop perfect for Disney, and I have only read good reviews for A Dream is a Wish Your Art Makes. We added our last name, and it made it a very quick find anytime we walked into the stroller parking. I also love that it is a keepsake we can cherish forever. I opted out on putting a date on the stroller so that we can continue to use it every visit. The tag was beautiful, and we received a lot of compliments on it.  

Disney World stroller parking

I have seen the idea of tying a balloon to your stroller to help you find it, which is fine. However, many people will get balloons making it not stand out as much. They can also be expensive, and you cannot keep them forever. If you decide you want to get a beautiful Mickey balloon, make sure to grab it on your first day so that you can enjoy it as long as possible. Also make sure your hotel allows balloons. For example, Animal Kingdom Lodge does not because they could be harmful to the animals. They are also prohibited from Disney Animal Kingdom. If you arrive at Animal Kingdom with a balloon, they will simply put it into a balloon jail at the front gate. You can stop by and pick it up as you leave the park.   

After many trips, trials, and test runs, I believe we have perfected the stroller setup! Be sure to check out our Disney Stroller Setup YT video for the easiest, most convent, and functional way to set up a Disney stroller!

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