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Does Coconut Water Really Increase Your Milk Supply?

does coconut water increase milk supply

Can drinking coconut water really increase your milk supply? Can it be that easy? I was worried about keeping up my milk supply to keep up with both of my girls because I was exclusively pumping! I did all the research and tried all of the cookies, vitamins, and everything else I could think of. Then I tried was the coconut water. With my experience the answer is yes! It did increased my milk supply by 15 ounces a day!

Wondering how exactly I use the coconut water to increase my milk supply? It is so simple, you may not believe me at first! All I did was start to drink Body Armor. I know that you have seen them. Bottle of this fruity wonderfulness found at all your grocery stores. They are usually found by the bottled water and sport drinks. Our local grocery store usually has them on sale frequently, and I stock up! I also purchase them from Sam’s Club and Amazon.

First, you need to get some of these little magic in a bottle. If you have never had these drinks, there are many flavors to chose from. My personal favorite is strawberry banana. They have a few different versions as well including Lyte and some with caffeine! I really love that they are full of flavor; avoiding that watered down flavor. They also do not taste like coconut water, believe me I know because I hate coconut water by itself!

Then all you have to do is drink these all day! I drink a couple a day, which has resulted in a much bigger milk supply! This increase is thanks to the coconut water helping you to become more hydrated! After you try this, I would love to hear how successful this trick is for you too! To find more of my tips from my own breastfeeding journey check out the Baby Got Milk page.

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