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Emilia Turns 1!

Emilia Turns 1

Emilia turns 1! We celebrated our baby’s first birthday this week! It is hard to believe our sweet little “lady” has already completed her first circle around the sun! We decided to do a small ladybug themed party here at our home with family and friends. 

Emilia’s Beginning

Our sweet Emilia has been a fighter from the very start. She had to spend a few weeks in NICU due to her lungs not being ready for this big world. Despite our best efforts, she unfortunately contracted RSV at 8 weeks old. She was airlifted to the PICU at a children’s hospital in Baton Rouge. She fought so hard that we were on our way home in just a week!  From there she has only continued to be a loving, strong willed, and funny girl. She has traveled to Walt Disney World to meet Mickey and all his friends. She continues to thrive everyday with her weight and height jumping up to the 50th percentile over the last 3 months!

Emilia is such a special girl and we all adore her! Haelyn is obsessed with her sister and they are the best of friends! Emilia is always ready for a snack and time with her daddy. There is no doubt she is a daddy’s girl. 

Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo

A trip to the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo were also part of the celebrations! The girls and I visit frequently, but this day was special for a few reason. Of course being that it was Emilia’s true birthday on our visit, but Neil was also able to get off early to join us. The girls had a great time seeing all the animals, riding the train, and feeding the Budgies!

Decorations that make a statement!

The balloon garland was done the night before her birthday and had it for the party the following day. Neil and I started this tradition last year for Haelyn. Every year our girls wake up to a balloon garland in the dining room for their special day(s). Making the garland is fairly simple and inexpensive, yet it makes such a huge impact! You can read about how we make them, plus find the materials here!

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