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FuelRod at Disney Means Never Having a Dying Phone Battery!

A FuelRod at Walt Disney World is a HUGE tip to ensure you never have a dead phone battery during your visit. It is no secret that you use your phone a lot while on your Disney vacation. Between taking photos and using the MyDisneyExperience app for your park tickets, schedule, mobile ordering, Genie+, and everything else, your phone battery does not stand a chance. The last thing you want is for your phone to die right in the middle of your park day.  

What is a FuelRod? 

A FuelRod is a portable charger for your mobile device, and even tablets. When you purchase your first FuelRod, it will come with a few cables that make it compatible with most devices. You can charge it in your hotel room or even when you return home. We currently have 2 in our household, and we use them all the time both at home and in the parks! 

What makes it different than any other portable charger? 

A FuelRod at Disney is gamechanger because you can swap dead FuelRod out in the park for a fully charged one! This makes charging on the go even easier than ever! I always had problems before the FuelRod because my old portable charger would always run out of juice by midafternoon. Leaving me to have to find somewhere to sit while I recharged both my phone and charger again. I always felt like I was wasting so much time during my park day letting everything charge back up. Now I can easily locate a FuelRod swap station to get a charged one and keep on going!  

One day during our recent visit to Walt Disney World we had a very long day rope dropping Magic Kingdom, hopping to EPCOT, and back to close Magic Kingdom. (It was the first days of the Flower and Garden Festival.) I always recharge my Fuelrods at night when we are back in the room, so I start with a full one already in my park bag. I then swapped out for 2 more throughout the day. They saved me so much time and sanity because my girls did not want to sit still to let devices charge with it being our last day in the parks. 

Where are charging stations located? 

You can easily locate the swap stations via the Fuelrod app. In Walt Disney World there is typically one located at every resort as well as multiple at each park. If you already have a Fuelrod with you at Disney then making the swap is very easy and FREE! There are also swap stations located at Universal Studios, Sea World, airports, and resorts all over the US. Some of the other locations charge for a swap, but to offset that cost, Fuelrod gave me a $5 credit to make the swaps free. However, all the ones that I used at Walt Disney World were already free to swap.  

Where can I get mine? 

You can purchase your Fuelrod at any of the swap kiosks or from Amazon. They are around $30 at the kiosk for your original, one-time purchase. However, I have found them on Amazon for around $25, and even 2 pack for only $35! After that you are free to swap away!  

I hope that you all decide to join the FuelRod family before or during your next theme park vacation. I know this tip has been huge for our family, and I can’t wait to hear how it impacts your trip. Don’t worry about forgetting it at home with our printable packing list. Make sure to come back at comment the most FuelRod swaps you go through on your next Disney vacation! 

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