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Halloween Festivities 2021

Halloween Day

We had a very fun weekend filled with Halloween Festivities! We began with carving pumpkins Friday night, and ended with Trick or Treating Halloween Day!

The girls had parties all day at daycare in celebration of Halloween. We continued the excitement with pumpkin carving. Carving pumpkins has become a very dear tradition for me personally. I carved my very first pumpkin 8 years ago on the first Halloween Neil and I had together. No matter what else is going on, we have never skipped a year since! This was Haelyn’s first year to carve. Despite not wanting to touch the inside of the pumpkin, she had a great time, especially the painting party!

Saturday was also a very busy day for us all. We started with heading to Boo at the Zoo at our local zoo. The girls were both dressed as witches, Haelyn being Minnie Mouse dressed as a witch. We started going last year, and loved it so much! Between the train ride, the petting zoo, trick or treating throughout, and viewing all the animals, we had the best time again this year. We went by the park after that to let Haelyn run off her new found sugar energy. This is when we realized we lost her Minnie Mouse witch hat! There were food trucks set up which is where this mama snagged a funnel cake! Lastly, we finished off the day with my family enjoying a great meal and even better company.

Halloween Day

Last up was Halloween Day! We decided to take the morning slow with us being out so late the night before. Hocus Pocus was playing on the T.V. up until nap time. Once everyone was well rested the girls were ready for another round of candy getting. We had a few special stops along the way, grandma’s house for some special trick or treating.

After that we were off to the Halloween Party! I am a full believer that Halloween Day is when we should be trick or treating. I always thought that was one of the best parts, especially if it was a school night! Haelyn and her friend Calli became so independent, telling us to stay at the end of the driveway while they went up to trick or treat. Of course, we were never far off, but they enjoyed having a little more freedom. This is also where we lost Emilia’s little witches hat!

Halloween Day

Overall, we had the best Halloween weekend, and we can’t wait for next year! Wanting to see what we are up to now? Be sure to keep up with the Vosburg’s Family adventures here.

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  1. Y’all sure know how to celebrate Halloween! Enjoyed the pictures and seeing the girls in their costumes since we were at the hospital and totally missed Halloween this year. Hoping next year we can carve a pumpkin ?

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