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Happy 50th Birthday Walt Disney World!

Happy Birthday Walt Disney World! Growing up with all things Disney, it is hard to imagine a time without our favorite mouse and all his friends! Disney has helped us to learn so many life lessons, and many of the characters have grown up with us. As much as we wish, we don’t all get to live with Peter in Neverland. With that being said, I believe we are all a kid at heart, and we can imagine and play for as long as we live.  

WDW is the perfect place to live your best Disney life. I will talk to the princess like we are best friends and believe in all the Disney magic there is, and at WDW that is okay! To anyone who has never visited, I hope you have to opportunity to do just that. It is unlike anywhere else in the world! Something can truly be found for everyone on the 40 sq acres that is WDW. 

Even if you did not grow up with an obsession with Disney, it impacted us all! The nostalgia, beauty, and pure magic found in the 4 parks, resorts, and Disney Springs is truly indescribable!  

Happy Birthday Walt Disney World! We can’t wait to celebrate with you in just a few short weeks! 

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