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How to Make Mickey Mouse Inspired Ornaments; Dollar Tree Craft

how to make mickey mouse ornaments

This year I needed to get creative on how to make some Mickey Mouse decorations for our Disney Christmas Tree. We have always had a small tree featuring all our Hallmark Disney ornaments, but this year it was going to be the theme for all our holiday decor. The problem being that I could not find the perfect ornaments and tree picks I was looking for. I wanted some solid red Mickey’s to put all over the tree to help tie in that Disney Christmas theme and give everything a more uniformed look. I quickly found out after a lot of searching that I would need to make my own, and I needed to do it on a budget. That is where it all began, and I must say I absolutely love how they turned out! Here is step by step how we made them. 

how to make mickey mouse ornaments


All you need for this project is ornaments from the Dollar Tree and a hot glue gun. Just make sure your ornaments are plastic, because glass will break during the process. 

You need 2 sleeves of the larger ornaments, and 2 sleeves of the smaller ones. The large packs will come with glitter and a shinny/mat combination. The smaller ones will have only glitter or the “shiny” so grab one of each to match your larger ones. The set of 4 sleeves will result in 14 Mickey Mouse ornaments, and cost you around $5.

how to make mickey mouse ornaments

Assembling of the Mickey Mouse Ornament

Step 1:

Go ahead and open all of your ornaments out of their packaging. Then remove the gold hooks off the top of the SMALLER ONES ONLY! Leave them on the larger ones; this is how you will hang them up. 

Step 2:

Once your glue gun is hot you will slowly burn a hole using the tip of your glue gun into the top of the larger one, where Mickey’s ear will go. 

how to make mickey mouse ornaments

Step 3: 

Add just a little of the hot glue into the hole to hold the ear in place. Quickly add one of the smaller ornaments by placing the top, where the gold piece was removed, into the hole. This will have the ear attach flush with the head resulting in there not being a backside to the ornament, and give it a more original look. 

how to make mickey mouse ornaments

Step 4:

Repeat steps 2 and 3 to attach the second ear. 

Step 5:

Lay them flat to let everything finish cooling off and hang on your tree! 

That is it, you now know how to make these wonderful Mickey Mouse Christmas ornaments for your home as well! Still needing more? Be sure to check out how I also made the picks that are on the top of our tree here! If you are wanting to find out how to get money back for your grocery shopping, that is all here!

We love to see everyone’s holiday decor, and would love to see pictures! Be sure to tag us on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to show off your trees!

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