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5 Ways to Beat the Heat and Stay Cool at Walt Disney World

how to stay cool at disney world

Disney heat is no joke, especially in the summer months. Being from Louisiana where the temperature and humidity are close to the same as Orlando, it still seems to sneak up on me during the summer months. Here are a few ways on how we stay cool and beat the heat (even with the two girls) at Walt Disney World.

Stroller fans! 

This may seem like a no brainer, but you will absolutely need a stroller fan for each child, and even one for the adult pushing the stroller! Having a fan on the handle of the stroller not only helps with the heat, it also gives an incentive to whoever is doing the pushing of the stroller. Pushing the stroller when the crowds seem to thicken or even when the girls want to walk, it can be a pain. Having a fan for us was a huge improvement to the overall vacation, and a must in our opinion. The extra fan on the parent handle is also a great identifier making locating your stroller in the full stroller parking areas a breeze (pun intended!)

disney stroller setup

A stroller fan that we have had for years broke on us mid trip this last time. Thank goodness we had the extra for us that we could move down for the girls for the rest of the trip. We love this style because the legs can twist to fit on any stroller as well as stand up on a table. We like to have them on the tables when we have a quick service that has outdoor tables we sit at. They can also hang from the side of a crib back in the room.  

Handheld Mickey fans 

Another fan in know, but trust me, you cannot have too many! These little fans have Disney flair, color changing lights, and are powerful. The grids are small enough that small fingers cannot get to the blades. The girls love using these fans! I even use them on solo trips because they are lightweight and small to fit in my bag.  Someone always stops and ask where we purchased the fans when carrying them in the parks.

Cooling Towels 

This is one most people never think about until they arrive at the parks and see everyone else sporting them. While they sell them throughout Disney, I highly suggest purchasing some ahead of time from Amazon. We use these whiles at the parks and at home. They come in a 4 pack, are way cheaper than the ones at the parks, and have a plastic carrying bag to prevent moisture from them getting on anything else in your park bag. There are water fountains and sinks all over. You can simply get them damp, and you won’t believe how much cooler you will feel with these!  

Midday break 

I know, you have spent a lot of money to visit Disney, and you feel like you need to get your money’s worth out of every minute. Knowing this, I know how difficult the idea of taking a midday break can be. Trust me, I have tried multiple park day strategies both with 2 young girls (starting at 6 months old) and even solos. No matter who is there, taking a break after lunch is very important! We prefer to go back to the room and lay down, even for just an hour. You also could swim in the pool or enjoy the arcade back at the resort. It only takes a few hours away from the day. Everyone will be in better spirits, it helps with heat exhaustion, and everyone has the energy to close the parks. 

If you decide you can’t leave the parks completely to go back to a room, I suggest grabbing a table service in the parks or nearby. Steakhouse 71 is a great example of your Magic Kingdom Day! You can ride the monorail or even walk over to Contemporary. Enjoy a sit-down meal in the air conditioning and allow everyone to rest and cool back down.  

ICE water!

I cannot stress how important it is that you keep drinking water to stay hydrated when visiting Walt Disney World. Dehydration is a huge reason people may start to have bed days while on their vacations. Between the headaches and fatigue everyone could be getting antsy if not drinking enough. We always keep ice water on us in the parks, and here is how.

You are allowed to bring in your water bottles into the parks. We prefer to grab some with a handle so that we can hang them on a stroller via a Mickey hook. We like the plastic ones in this instance to keep from listening to metal ones clacking together all day. However, if traveling solo I prefer a metal one that can sit in my backpack and avoiding having any condensation.

Every single morning, and after each break, we will stop by the ice machines on our way out of the resort. We then fill each bottle all the way to the top with ice and top it off with a water bottle from our room or water fountain. This way we are already going into the park with bottles FULL of ice. As the ice melts we ask for free cups of ice water any dining location with fountain drinks. We then pour any ice back into our bottles. This makes sure there is almost always ice in our bottles, and none of this cost us anything! Water is much more enjoyable in the heat when it is ice cold. Trust me no one wants to have to drink warm water, and therefore will end up dehydrated. As you can see, this is something I am passionate about. I always stress to everyone just how important this really is!


There are our 5 ways we always stay cool and beat the heat when visiting Walt Disney World. All of them are used for us year round, even in February this year. This is with us coming from somewhere with similar weather to Disney already. If you are coming from anywhere colder, you will defiantly need to consider these tips for anytime you visit. I really hope this helps you have the most magical vacation possible!

Need a packing list with all these items on it? We already have it available for you here!

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