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Renting with Kingdom Strollers

Kingdom Strollers

The easiest, cost effective, and best way to rent strollers for Walt Disney World, or anywhere in the Orlando area, is with Kingdom Strollers. I cannot recommend them enough! There are so many reasons why I suggest renting a stroller with Kingdom Strollers; in this post I will break down my main reasons.

Kingdom Strollers can go to your resort.

This is huge when comparing renting from Kingdom Strollers vs the parks! When you rent from the Disney parks you will be required to turn your stroller in before leaving the park. If you are park hopping to another park you can pick up another rental stroller once you arrive if you have a receipt. However , if you are going to a resort or even Disney Springs, you will not have access to a stroller. At the end of the day your child is really not going to walk from the transportation stop to your room. With Kingdom Strollers, the stroller is yours to take wherever for the duration of the rental! Use it just like it is your own stroller. We used ours everywhere! I didn’t have to worry about the girls in a very crowded Disney Springs or make them walk all the way back to our resort rooms after a long day. They were even able to get some sleep while waiting for the buses at the end of the night. I cannot imagine having to carry them and all of our items all the way back to our resort after a long park day! 

They offer more than just strollers.

Kingdom Strollers also offers full size foldable cribs, blow up toddler beds, blow up bed rails, and scooters! You can have everything you need all delivered at one time for your littles. The crib and bed even come with the bedding needed. 

Over 200 different pickup and drop off locations!

You wouldn’t believe all the options that have for free drop off and pickup! With over 200 locations around Orlando you can find the perfect location to get your items. If you are renting a crib or bed, I would recommend having them meet you at your resort. Even if it is outside of the park properties, they probably deliver there! If you are flying in and renting a stroller you may want to pick up at the Orlando International Airport. This is what we decided to do, and I was so happy we did despite the pick up and drop off locations being on the other side of the airport. We had the stroller with us while we waited in line for the bus to Walt Disney World as well as having it as soon as we reached the resort with all our bags in tow. The drop off and pick up locations can be different if you choose, however if they are dropping off anywhere besides the airport, you will need to be present at the scheduled time you pick to meet with the Kingdom Strollers Team Member. 

Customer Service is AMAZING!

The customer service at Kingdom Strollers is some of the best I have ever received. They are so accommodating and kind. I have not seen a bad review from them ever! I even have a good friend who rented from them recently. Something happened to the stroller during a park day. They called Kingdom Strollers and they immediately met them at the park with a new stroller! They always make sure I know how to fold the stroller down, lock the wheels, and open it back up before I leave with the stroller from a pickup location. 

Kingdom Strollers will save you money!

Lastly, let’s compare the numbers of stroller rentals. IIf you rent a stroller from the Disney parks it will cost you a whopping $13-15 per day for a single stroller and $27-31 for a double. For 5 days in the parks you can plan to pay $65 for a single and $135. You can rent a stroller with Kingdom Strollers for 4-7 days at $75 for a single and $85 for a double.  On top of that, Kingdom Stroller will include a rain cover, cooler bag, and parent drink holder/ console for no charge with every stroller rental. You can add  snack trays for the little or a stroller hook for a very low additional cost. Considering that you have this stroller with you at all times, it is a no brainer!

Additional Perks

Rest assured knowing that the strollers all meet Walt Disney World’s strict stroller requirements. They are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between renters and provide a lot of storage space for your items. They will have a personalized tag with information you may need during your rental period. There are also multiple options for single and double strollers as well as a special needs stroller. 

To find out how we perfected our stroller at Walt Disney World be sure to check here for many of our Disney stroller tips. 

Want to know how to rent from Kingdom Strollers? It is so easy! Just start here! I would love to hear all about your experience when renting with Kingdom Strollers because I know it will be great!

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