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A Toddler Art Project that is MESS FREE

Hello motivated mamas! I am sure that we have all been there. Your toddler wants to color so bad! You are in the middle of cooking dinner and they are asking for their colors. My first thought was always the marks that would end up on our walls from an unsupervised toddler art project. Then I would think of how important it is for a child to express their creativity. Lastly, how great it would be for me to be able to finish dinner with my toddler quietly entertaining herself.

I did some research, and I found a great one I would love to share with you! There are all kinds of options for toddler crafts. We tried many different ones, but one has really been a favorite. The Color Wonder Mess Free sets from Crayola. Why do we love these? For so many reasons! First, the markers ONLY write on the mess free paper! That’s right, no more coloring on themselves or the walls! It’s Crayola magic! They are also pretty inexpensive, and Target has deals on them frequently. She loves picking out what page she wants to color, and she starts coloring all by herself. Some of the pages even have special surprises that appear once they color over them!

Another thing that makes these stand out for me, is the child can decide how they want their work of art to be colored. Many of the ones we tried had the colors already predetermined. I love that she can decided if she wants Peppa to be blue, she can! in addition to the toddler art project, we also practice our colors with the different marks, which always makes it more fun! I will ask her to pick me a color, and when she does I will ask her what color it is, or I will hold up 2 different colors and ask her is mama should use the red or the blue.
Need even more reasons to love this toddler art project? There are many varieties including some of your child’s favorite cartoon characters! I have seen Baby Shark, Peppa Pig, Frozen, Paw Patrol, Disney Princesses and so many more! I love getting her that character packs. Each of the packs comes with 5 markers that are colors you need most for your themed pack. For example, the Peppa Pig pack came with pink (of course), red, orange, blue, and teal. They also have 18 coloring pages.

Toddler Art Projects
Haelyn enjoying her favorite toddler art project.

If you need more color in your life, I have the solution for that as well! Despite the markers you get are more than enough, however, we wanted more primary colors. Thankfully they sell packs of the mess free markers so that you can add more basic colors to your collection. There are also blank pages that you can buy so your child can have more free creativity.

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