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4 Secret Free Things To Do Around Walt Disney World

There are so many things to see and do when visiting Walt Disney World, that some items were bound to be overlooked to the point of being considered secret. Here are my top five favorite, secret, and FREE things to do when visiting Walt Disney World. Another huge perk is that with them being mostly overlooked, there is usually no wait or crowds for many of these things!

Looking for Pascal’s Friends


This fun activity is located at Magic Kingdom by the Tangled bathrooms. Not only are these some of the most themed and beautiful bathrooms in dare I say all of WDW, but the surrounding area is even better. Right across from the bathrooms there is a small seating area almost hidden in the gardens. You can find tables, benches, and even charging ports! That’s right! Inside what appears to be stumps as part of the decorations, they actually have places to plug your phones in. As long as you have your cable you can sit and relax while getting that much needed battery life.

You can also partake in a very fun, yet challenging, game of hide and seek with all of Pascal’s friends. There are a total of 10 chameleons hiding throughout the area. I enjoyed taking a little part of my day from all the rushing to stop and look for them all. After about 45 minutes, I had found 8 of the 10. I am one who doesn’t ruin the fun for myself or you. With that being said I will just leave you with one hint and a picture of what to look for. Happy Searching!

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Secret Things to do at Disney World

Are you ready for a treasure hunt full of surprises? At Magic Kingdom, just pass the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, you can sign yourself and your crew to help lead the search. There is a very small building that most people never see. Once you enter they will scan your MagicBand or card to start the game. You will be assigned one of the four different treasure hunts, receive your map, and you are good to go. You can do it at your own pace while doing as much of it as you want.

Secret Things to do at Disney World

The map will you lead you to the clues with symbols you need to search for. Once you find your hidden symbol, tap the same MagicBand or card to activate the clue. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open when you check in to each point! Once you have completed the treasure hunt, you have an awesome souvenir that was free (the treasure map!) If you loved it you can head back to the same building and sign up again!

Finding Dory’s Friends


The huge aquarium in EPCOT is overlooked by so many! It is home to dolphins, sharks, manatees, and so many fish. This aquarium is huge with almost a fully encircled room with ocean life views! This is my very favorite place to sit and watch at ECPOT. If you chose to ride The Seas with Nemo & Friends, you will exit into the aquarium area. If you choose to skip the ride, you can enter the aquarium from the side, just pass the entrance. Along with all the marine life, you can find a play area themed after the sharks from Finding Nemo, Turtle Talk with Crush, and our next FREE, secret item.

The Finding Dory’s Friends is my daughters favorite of these activities by far. Yes, it might be because of the sticker book! In the middle of the main section of the aquarium, between Turtle Talk with Crush and the manatees, you can find the booklet for Finding Dory’s Friends. Grab your FREE sticker book and begin your “Fin-Tastic Scavenger Hunt.” Through the book Dory is singing a song to remember her friends’ names. Help Dory by finding the friends she is singing about around the aquarium. These little books are filled with facts about the animals. As I mentioned before, there are stickers you can place on the page when you figure out that animal. We all have a great time watching our daughter get excited about the animals while also soaking up that A/C.

Animation Experience at Conservation Station

Secret Things to do at Disney World

The Animation Experience can be found in one of the most forgotten lands of Walt Disney World. Near the back of Animal Kingdom, there is an area referred to as Rafiki’s Planet Watch. The only way to get to this area is via the Wildlife Express Train. The train station can be found in Africa. At Rafiki’s Planet watch you can get up close to some animals at the Affection Section. There is also a vet viewing window for procedures on the animals inside. If you see this, you are seeing a very rare experience, but know it is an area that is used by the vet team.

This has to be my personal favorite from this list. This call will last 25 minutes and is lead by a Disney Animator! Learn how real life animals are infusing the Disney characters we all love so much. It does not matter your skill level! This is a fun, relaxing class where I always have a great time! You will learn to draw one of the beloved Disney animal characters. It is lead step-by-step, and you receive a paper with the shapes you need to get started. I will say that sometimes these classes can fill up toward the middle of the day. I suggest coming around lunch.

Have a great time during your visit to Walt Disney World, and remember to slow down and take in some of these fun, free, secret, activities! Which one are you most excited to partake in, or which is already your favorite? Be sure to check out another one of Disney’s best kept secrets, the secret breakfast at Hollywood Studios!

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