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Toddler Self Feeding Tool

toddler self feed

These simple toddler self feeding tools instantly turn food and juice pouches squeeze-proof. Before finding these little gems, I cannot even tell you how many times the carrot puree pouch became a vegetable fountain! The puree goes everywhere including all over the baby. It is a nightmare and made it very difficult for me to see the huge benefit of being less messy when this was constantly happening. We tried the slow flow pouches, with failure, because they are just too slow for her. She would lose interest before even getting half through.  

Food Pouches

                The holders can be flipped making them great for food pouches as well as juice pouches. The food pouches can snap into the top holding it into place. It has 2 handles on either side which is very convenient for littles learning hand control. Because it completely covers the pouch, there is no way for them to squeeze. 

Juice Pouches

                When you flip it over, you can slide a juice pouch into the holder. This is a great invention because the juice pouches are always being squeezed! The holder is a little too high for the juice pouches, so we fold a napkin in the bottom just to pick it up a little. We also have learned it works best to put the juice into the holder prior to inserting the straw.  

Although, we typically using them for the food pouches, we absolutely love that it can be used for both. Once they get a little order and can use the apple sauce pouches without squeezing, the juice pouches are much harder to avoid squeezing, so we tend to use it for them.  With it being able to function different items, it is my favorite tool for toddler self feeding. After snack is a great time to try mess free coloring or painting!

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