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Walt Disney World Family Vacation 2022

We are back from another Walt Disney World Family Vacation. As always this was extremely magical and full of wonderful memories! There were so many new experiences for my husband as I, as well as many more for our daughters. This year we decided to visit again in May. It was the week prior to our oldest daughter turning 3, so she was still FREE! I cannot wait to share with you all the news!

Disney World Family Vacation

Character Meet and Greats!

First, HUGS ARE BACK!! Yes, it is true! This was what I was most looking forward to on our trip this year since hugs and normal character meets were not allowed on our last visit. My daughter was able to meet, visit, and hug some of her most beloved characters. We had a few meeting in the beginning and my daughter was a little frightened as I knew she would be. On the second day however, she hugged Vamperina all on her own! She loves V, and after that it continued to get easier for her to warm up to the characters. Mickey looked exception in his 50th attire! I was so excited and overcome with joy I of course had to hug him before leaving! It was a joyous time for my family. Meeting Belle and Elsa were some of Haelyns favorites, but Queen Anna really took the cake! She walked right up to Anna, grabbed her hand, and talked to her knowing it was one of her best friends. She couldn’t wait to hug her! I was defiantly teary eyed knowing she was meeting someone who means so much to her.

New Experiences

We tried some different restaurants for the first time as well. Sanaa, Casey’s Corner (I know shock we have never eaten there!), Nomad Lounge, and Connections Café to name a few. I will have reviews on these and others very soon! We also found a secret, airconditioned, and empty seating spot in Magic Kingdom for lunch! Did I mention it has castle views?! We also tries Capture Your Moments, and the pictures were amazing! You can read this review here.

During the Walt Disney World family vacation, Neil and I tried to slow down more and enjoy some things we may normally just rush past. Some were planned, and others were surprises along the way. If you ever have time I highly recommend going and watching/ listening to the Casey’s Corner pianist. He is unbelievably talented, and we are all hoping to see him at Walt Disney World’s 100th Anniversary (he said that is his goal!)

Strategies for this family vacation

Neil and I used a combination of Genie + and rider swap to plan for more rides for the two of us. On the last visit, we both wanted to experience everything with the girls, but this time we also wanted to ride more adult rides. I have a cheat sheet to all things Gene arriving very soon! Be sure to sign up for my email list to be some of the firsts to have this valuable information!

Another strategy we had this trip was to be there for early entry each morning. We would try to knock out some big hitters and even small ones early in the morning. The weather was hot this trip, and with 2 little ones, it can be a lot! With that being said, we were able to make a decision on how we wanted each day to play out. Some of the days we stayed at the park knocking out bigger rides with the girls napped, or most days we went back to the room for naps. Once everyone was up, and it was going to be cooling back off, we were back to the parks. We were able to catch dinner there as well as most of the items still on our to-do list.

There is so much more to share about this vacation! This is simply a quick overview of some of the content you can be on the lookout for! I will be adding the links into this post as they are posted, but to be sure you catch all the tips, be sure to subscribe to my emails. I promise I don’t send many! If you need help with planning a magical trip, I would LOVE to help! You can reach out the me via the contact tab or send me an email here! I hope you all have a magical day!

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