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Walt Disney World Special Moments: Haircut at Harmony Barber Shop

walt disney world haircut

This Motivated Mama loves collecting special moments at Walt Disney World, and getting a first haircut at Harmony Barber Shop is defiantly on this list. However, it does not have to be your first haircut to be able to get a new cut on Main Street. In fact, anyone can get this special moment!

First Haircut

This is the most popular option when it comes to Harmony Barber Shop. Both of our girls were able to get their first haircuts here in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. At the time of writing, the first haircut package is $28. This includes: a keepsake set of Mickey Ears with “My First Haircut” embroidered, the haircut, a keepsake locket of hair, and a certificate.

walt disney world haircut

Harmony Barber Shop Staff

While the shop itself is small, the personalities and excitement inside is huge! They are great at keeping the kiddos entertained and calm while getting their cuts. The staff even helped keep Emilia busy while she waited for Haelyn! Bubbles, light-up toys, stickers, and extra Pixie Dust were provided to all the kids in the shop. At one point Neil and I were both covered in Mickey Mouse stickers which kept both girls giggling.

Haelyn was very excited for her first haircut at 3 years old. She jumped up into the chair and was ready to go. Emilia on the other hand was only 2, and a lot more hesitant. Thankfully, they know just what to do! Emilia only needed to ends of her hair trimmed to get rid of what would become her first mullet. Anyone else’s daughter only grow the back of her hair? Update: A year later, and the second mullet is strong.

Neil was able to hold her next to the chair while the hairdresser and I talked. She would casually just trim one piece and we would act as if nothing happened. By the end of our conversation, Emilia’s hair looked amazing and was topped with of course, Pixie Dust.

Note: The only way to tip your hairdresser/ barber is with cash. Just be sure to be prepared before you arrive. There is an ATM available close by in the even that you forget.

How to book your appointment

While walkups are sometimes available, it is recommended that you book an advance reservation. These appointments will be available to you at the same time as your dining reservations. (60 days prior) If you do not have an appointment, I would recommend going there first thing in the morning to get on the walkup list. They will do their best to fit you in, but it is not guaranteed. You can find their current prices and availability here.

Harmony Barber Shop Location

Harmony Barber Shop is located at the train station end of Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom. As soon as you enter under the train station, Harmony Barber Shop is on the left side. You can find it tucked in between the Emporium and the fire station. While we waited for our appointment time, we were able to watch the Dapper Dans load onto their horse drawn trolly and sing as they headed down Main Street and back. A very fun surprise that they we all really enjoyed!

Additional Haircuts

Like I mentioned above, they offer more than just first haircuts. Haelyn loved it so much that when I asked for her list for our trip a year later, another haircut here was on it. She really loves all that glitter in her hair! This experience was very much like before with the amazing staff and fun items available to us. I am sure it will take me a long time to convince Haelyn to have her haircut anywhere else. They offer styling and adult haircuts as well! Plus, if you can time it right, you can even her the Dapper Dans (Disney’s barber shop quartet) singing on Main Street while you are here.

Getting a haircut at Walt Disney World is defiantly a must on my list for littles, especially the first one! Everyone was wonderful at helping pose for pictures to capture the special occasion. Another special moment at Walt Disney World is Capture You Moments! Have you ever had a haircut in Magic Kingdom? We would love to see all your Harmony Barber Shop photos.

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